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YCW Statement of Practice

Mission Statement

The Young Christian Workers is an international youth movement, which values the dignity and worth of each young person. It enables its members to challenge social exclusion and take action to bring about change in their home, workplace and social life.

Guiding Principles

  • As a Christian movement, the YCW promotes Christian values.
  • The YCW is a movement of young people, for young people, run by young people.
  • The YCW strives towards each person fulfilling their potential and through the unique method of YCW, See-Judge-Act, making real changes in their lives.

What does YCW do?


  • To serve, represent and educate young adults through the method of See, Judge, Act.
  • To examine the underlying causes and consequences of social injustice.
  • To challenge the existing structures on those issues.
  • To develop the social, intellectual, emotional, creative and spiritual potential of its members.
  • To achieve change in the individual and their environs and to activate others to take action.

YCW brings together young adults (individually/groups) and helps them answer their own needs and the needs of those around them through taking. YCW creates a safe environment for young adults to express themselves and build their confidence. Through the use of the YCW method of analysis See, Judge, Act young adults reflect on issues of concern and take appropriate action in response, either individually or as a group. Actions are often taken in the local community/school/parish/workplace, in this way YCW helps to develop the individual, the local community and society and in so doing helps to build a sense of belonging while giving young adults a voice. As a movement YCW provides an opportunity for young adults to share their experiences and build respect for different realities.

Why we do it:

The YCW is based on three fundamental truths:

The Truth of Faith

As Christians our faith tells us that we are created in the image and likeness of God and as such have a unique and special contribution to make to society and to the church.

The Truth of Reality

In reality we are not always treated as though we are unique and special and are often prevented from making our contribution.

The Truth of Method

Cardijn’s answer to the contradiction between what our faith tells us and our everyday experiences. His response was to establish the YCW, a movement that would serve represent and educate young people through the method of See, Judge, Act.

YCW is convinced that young adults have an important and vital contribution to make in the development of a just society and in empowering young people to be leaders of change in their own lives and their communities.

Who is it for?

YCW is a multi denominational Movement welcoming all young adults regardless of their faith or social background. As a Movement YCW is available to work with young people and adults on the island of Ireland, assisting them in developing a response to the reality of young adults using the method of See, Judge, Act.

How we do it?

YCW specifically works with young adults 16-18 years and 18-35 years. YCW and IMPACT groups however often set up Teams and Services targeted at various age groups in response to locally identified needs. YCW also works with individual young adults through our services, campaigns, actions and events and offers resources to those wishing to engage with young adults in a meaningful way.

YCW uses a process of reflection and action to create awareness in young adults of their surroundings and their place in the world. The See, Judge, Act method is vital to this awareness building and an important tool in helping young adults develop their skills of analysis and plan appropriate actions in response to their reality.

Groups are established on a parish, school, workplace or community basis. They meet regularly, using the See, Judge, Act method. YCW programmes and services are based on the format of experiential learning.

In addition to the fact that YCW is organised by the members themselves there are three other good reasons for being involved:

  • It is a chance to take action to improve the local community and wider society.
  • YCW helps to develop the confidence, social skills, faith and social awareness of the young people it touches.
  • YCW helps young people meet new friends from all over the country and world-wide, through its actions, meetings, training events, exchanges and social occasions. YCW is an enjoyable worthwhile experience.

As a National and International Movement YCW advocates for the rights of young workers, regularly organising campaigns and actions in response to the needs of young adults and on issues of social justice.