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Who are We?

As young people in Ireland today we are experiencing a period of significant change as a nation, both socially and economically. It is not only a challenging time, but one that brings with it new possibilities with regards to work, unemployment, studies and training and presents us with new questions concerning our life choices and decisions. As we face these new challenges, we in the YCW Movement are convinced that young adults have an important and vital contribution to make in the development of a just society and in empowering young people to be leaders of change in their own lives and in their communities.

As a voluntary Youth Movement we are committed to the process and principles of youth work and through the YCW’s method of See, Judge, Act, strive to provide opportunities for young adults to participate fully in their own development, the development of the YCW Movement and the development of a Just Society where all are treated with respect and dignity.

YCW has existed on the island of Ireland since the 1930’s, actively forming and training young adults to reach their full potential through reflection and action and encouraging them to become active citizens with a zest for life and a commitment to tackling issues of social justice.

reflectionAs a Movement of and for young people we believe in the ability of young adults to make a valuable contribution to our society through taking actions on issues of importance to us and in so doing, change the world in which we live. YCW uses a process of reflection and action to create awareness in young adults of their surroundings and their place in the world. The YCW method of See, Judge, Act is vital to this awareness building and an important tool to help us develop our skills of analysis and plan appropriate actions in response to our reality.

YCW is a multi denominational Movement welcoming all young adults regardless of their faith, economic or social background. We are also part of an International Movement which provides opportunities for young adults from Ireland to participate in training, exchanges and social events on an International level.