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Visit by French YCW

Visitors from French YCW On Wednesday March 23rd we welcomed members of the French YCW National Team to the YCW National Office.

The French team, Gen, Noémie, Elise and Erwan joined Larry Joyce, Nicola Dunne and National Co-ordinator for the Irish Movement, Vicky Rattigan at the YCW office for an exchange of information on the work of our National Movements and the realities of young adults. It was amazing to see that despite the many differences in the realities we had many things in common between the two movements and a shared belief in the ability of young adults to bring about change and contribute to our society.

The French YCW presented us with posters and information on their movement and campaigns (available at National Office) and were happy to take home some information, posters, pens and pins from the Irish YCW.

Both Movements committed to remain in contact and share information and support in the coming years.

If you would like further information on the French Movement (and if you can understand French) check out their site at