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TTIP and CETA – Stop the Trojan Treaties Workshop

Workshopping TTIP and CETA

Workshopping TTIP and CETA

YCW co-organised a workshop with other members of TTIP Information Network called ‘Stop The Trojan Treaties’. The aim of the workshop was to discuss the various impacts of Transatlatic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and Common Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) on Ireland and what actions we could take to prevent them, with an initial action planned for 23rd April to coincide with a European Day of Action against TTIP and CETA. German YCW (CAJ) have been organising against TTIP and CETA for quite some time.

The workshop and information event on TTIP and CETA was really well attended. There were all sorts there from expert activists to beginners. The range in attendance help to form some lively debate and discussion and some great ideas came out of the brianstorming session for a protest march on the 23rd of April.

We discussed various impacts of TTIP and CETA including

  • Barry Finnegan spoke about the effect of the treaties on Irish democracy
  • Caroline Byrne of Euro-toques spoke about the effect on Irish Food
  • Meaghan Carmody from Young Friends of the Earth spoke about the threat to the environment
  • Anne-Marie Butler from Uplift spoke about the threats to public services


We agreed to meet again for planning, strategising and banner making for the march on the 14th of April.