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Teachers and school chaplains – Get involved with YCW!

Young Christian Workers offers youth projects that teachers and school chaplains can set up in schools.

Teachers and school chaplains – YCWRun a YCW project in your school

The YCW’s IMPACT Programme Change Through Action is the perfect programme for students in Transition or Leaving Cert years.

Run as an after schools project the programme allows students to become aware of what is going on around them and the issues which concern them most, reflect on those issues and plan and organize appropriate actions in response.

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What’s so good about the Change Through Action programme?

The programme offers students the opportunity to take leadership, work as part of a team and make a positive contribution to their school and society.

Change Through Action was developed specifically for young people 16-18 years in School and Parish based groups.

All you need to get going are 6 – 12 young people and an interested teacher or Chaplain to assist them along with a room to meet.

The programme material contains information and discussion plans on many issues relating to the lives of young people. The issue sheets are informative and user friendly and have been written in consultation with young people (the resources will be updated regularly).

Gospel Enquiry programme

The YCW Gospel Enquiry programme Faith in Action! is the ideal way to introduce students to a practical experience of faith and social justice.

This programme has been developed to coincide with the Dublin Diocesan year of Evangelisation and is an ideal introduction to the YCW method of See, Judge, Act. With its easy to follow lay out, Faith in Action! provides all you need to begin the journey into St. Luke’ s Gospel and is a great way to enter into the Year of Evangelisation.

Offering a real and meaningful experience of faith in action the YCW’s Gospel Enquiry is ideal for use with students offering as it does a practical method to help make the message and values of the Gospel relevant to the lives of today’s young adults.

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Training is provided for teachers and chaplains willing to work with groups. Training is also provided to students in chairing meetings, minute taking and team work.

Help and support

The YCW Development Team are on hand to assist groups get going so why not contact us now to set up a YCW youth project in your school?