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Stop the Trojan Treaties – Workshop for Action against TTIP + CETA

Stop the Trojan Treaties – Workshop for Action against TTIP + CETA

Presented by YCW and the TTIP Information Network


When:Trojan TTIP

Tuesday, 5 April 2016 from 18:00 to 21:00


Wigwam – 54 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin,

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The workshop is FREE and is aimed at

building towards actions being planned for Sat, 23rd of April.

Tickets: available at Eventbrite: here


It will be a chance to learn from other members of the TTIP Information Network, ask any questions you may have about these deals and meet other people who want to take action on this issue.

Participants include:

Meaghan Carmody from Young Friends of the Earth – Environmental Concerns.
Caroline Byrne from Euro-toques – Threats to Food.
Barry Finnegan from ATTAC – The Threat to Democracy and Legal Implications.
Others still to be announced!

TTIP and CETA are two trojan trade deals being negotiated between the EU, the US and Canada which will impact on almost every aspect of our daily lives. They threaten everything from our food standards, to workers’ rights, to our public services, as well as giving corporations more power than our government. For more information visit

On 13th May there will be a possible vote at European level on CETA. We need to convince our political representatives to vote against this deal. If it goes through, it means Ireland and other countries will be subject to ISDS, which will give foreign corporations the power to sue our government for changes in public policy that affect their profits, such as raising the minimum wage or improving environmental standards.