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YCW Resources to help get you started

YCW Resources to help you get started

YCW Handbook: An introduction to the See, Judge, Act method. This handbook provides all you need to help you get to grips with the famous YCW method of analysis See, Judge, Act and offers practical suggestions for making contact with young adults. Includes Social & Gospel Enquiries. Ideal for 18+ age group.

Change through Action: A programme for young adults 16-18 yrs. in parish or school based groups. This programme consists of 10 exciting sessions, each one designed to enable young adults to explore an issue of concern in a fun way, debate it and plan actions to bring about change.

Faith in Action: This programme was designed to coincide with the Year of Evangelisation in order to provide young adults with a real and meaningful experience of Faith. It is an ideal introduction to the YCW method of See, Judge, Act and the Gospel of St. Luke.

Challenge to Lead: A project designed by young people for young people between the ages of 16-25yrs, it includes everything you need to start YCW and form a group of young leaders. Comes complete with a DVD.

YCW: Brings together young adults 18-30 yrs. in small groups who meet regularly to carry out the Review of Life process using the See, Judge, Act method. Groups decide the programme of action based on the identified needs of the individuals, local / Parish community.

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