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Enquiry on Unemployment


With youth unemployment figures still high it might be time to take a step back and reflect on how we as individuals are affected and what steps we might take to improve things.

By being aware and more mindful of our situations we can begin to open up to new opportunities that can help us reach our full potential. This enquiry/reflection helps us to reflect on how we are affected by unemployment and challenges us to take a realistic view of the situation and prompts us into action.

(The enquiry can be used by groups or individuals).


See – Experience:

How long have you been unemployed?

What led to you becoming unemployed?

What is your experience of unemployment?

How do you spend your time? (looking for work, sleeping, spending time on-line, being with friends)

Judge – Analysis:

How has unemployment affected you? (have you become complacent/do you need a push?)

What is most difficult about being unemployed? Lack of finances, mood, lack of motivation?

Are there any benefits?

What do you miss about the workplace?

Do you feel people treat you differently because you’re unemployed? In what way?

What kind of work are you looking for?

Do you have the necessary skills/experience for this work?

Are you working towards getting them? (have you considered JobBridge/internships/ volunteering?)

Is there anything that you’re passionate about that can either be turned into a work opportunity or a means to keep you motivated or active?


Act – Action:

What can you do to help or change or improve your situation?

What help or supports do you need to do this? (who can help/assist you?)

What concrete action are you going to take? (what will be your first step?)