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Parishes – Get involved with YCW!

If your parish is considering working with young people in a real and meaningful way then Young Christian Workers can help!

YCW Handbook: Perhaps you’re a member of the Parish Team or Parish Pastoral Council, are interested in forming a Youth Committee or a Parish Pastoral Youth Council in your parish, maybe you’re a young adult who would just like to get involved in something practical in your church or are looking for a means of linking your faith with your everyday life. If any of the above sounds like you then you may be interested in the YCW HANDBOOK.

This handbook has been specifically developed to provide you with all you’ll need to get a YCW/Review of Life group up and running and make a real change in your life, the lives of young adults, society and the local parish. Our handbook offers an insight to, and a practical application of the See, Judge, Act method and would make an ideal tool in the formation of any Parish Youth Group or ParishYouth Council.


The handbook includes:


Information on getting started with some suggestions for calling, forming and sustaining a group


• An Introduction to the YCW Movement


• Who we are


• What we do?


• With whom?


• Where we do it?


A series of both Gospel and Social Enquiries are included – Using the See, Judge, Act method. These enquiries allow young adults to enquire into the situations they face on a regular basis and offers opportunities to plan appropriate actions in response from a faith perspective.


A history of the YCW Movement, it’s principles, aims and method are also included.


If you feel your parish could benefit from YCW why not contact a Development worker who’ll be happy to advise you on the best YCW programme for your needs and assist you in getting started.


The Year of Evangelisation


To coincide with the Dublin Diocesan Year of Evangelisation the YCW have developed a Gospel Enquiry programme specifically for young adults entitled Faith in Action!. This programme contains six Gospel Enquiries based on the Gospel of St. Luke and provides a practical means to make the message and values of the Gospel relevant to the lives of young adults today.


With its easy to follow lay out, Faith in Action! provides all you need to begin the journey into St. Luke’s Gospel and is a great way to enter into the Year of Evangelisation. The programme provides tips for success to assist you in getting started, background information on each of the chosen passages and takes you step by step through theSee, Judge, Act method of analysis.


Support and training provided


We offer support and training to adult Animators and Chaplains in Child Protection and Best Practice for using the Change Through Action Programme. We also work with YCW and IMPACT! Groups, providing ongoing support and training to young people through training weekends and in group training.


Training opportunities for adults working with groups and for YCW members are also available on a European level with formation and training sessions taking place on a regular basis.


Open nights


The YCW also holds regular Open Nights in local areas to provide information and testimonials from young people involved in our Movement.


We are always looking for parishes/youth centres to host Open Nights, if your parish would like to assist then please do contact our National Office. As a host all that’s required is that you provide a venue to host a gathering of local parishes, the YCW does the rest.