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Motor Insurance Campaign (2002)

Driver and car

In 2002, in response to the experience of its members in accessing affordable Motor Insurance, YCW ran its Motor Insurance Campaign. The campaign took the form of a car window sticker and petition.

Origins of the Campaign

The cost of Insurance cover is one of the biggest problems facing young Irish drivers today. Everyone is aware that in order to drive one must be covered by insurance. That is the law. Yet so many of our young drivers are often unable to receive a quote and when they do, have difficulty meeting the premium costs.

Launch of Motor Insurance Campaign

Wednesday 17th April 2002 saw the official launch of the YCW Movement’s Motor Insurance Campaign in our National Office in Dublin 1.

Kevin Canniffe, Chairperson YCW Insurance Sub-group and James Doorley, President of the National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) launched the Campaign. NYCI were very involved in highlighting this issue.


YCW produced and printed car window stickers which were circulated to all YCW members, friends, Youth organisations, Government and Insurance Bodies. YCW encouraged people to display the sticker in their car windows in order to highlight the Campaign.

Motor Insurance Campaign 2002 – Car sticker

Campaign sticker (click for bigger view)

YCW also launched a petition calling on the Government to intervene and help lower insurance costs for young drivers and stop the Insurance companies profiteering and categorising all young drivers as dangerous and irresponsible. The petition was posted on our web site and allowed people to join our Campaign. The petition signatures were then presented to the Government.

We highlighted the issue through our Newsletter and asked people to forward their experiences as young drivers for inclusion in the Newsletter. Testimonials were included in our Newsletter and forwarded to the Department of the Environment as well as to Insurance Companies.

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