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Migrant Chaplains Support Group

In February 2008, Young Christian Workers Ireland commissioned a piece of research into the experiences of young migrant workers in relation to their faith, work and social integration in Ireland. As a result of this research it was decided to bring together those with responsibility for ministering to the New Communities in order to assess their needs from a faith perspective and to fostering collaboration.

A meeting was held in November 2008 to discuss the possibilities, it was agreed that there was a need for the Chaplains to come together to discuss their needs, to share information and to support one another. The group identified the need to concentrate on those coming to Ireland from outside of Europe.

Are you Ministering to Migrants coming from outside of Europe?

If so YCW you may be interested in meeting others with responsibility for ministering to the new communities from a faith perspective.

A Migrant Chaplains group meets regularly at the YCW National Office to help provide support to one another, to identify the needs of their communities and those ministering to them, to foster collaboration and to share experiences and expertise. A representative from SIPTU (Services Industrial and Professional Trade Union) also attends to help answer any queries in relation to workers rights and entitlements.


If you are interested in becoming part of this group then contact YCW today!