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Thank you to all who attended last night’s Voter Education and Registration Event and congratulations to all who registered on the night.


The evening was a great success. We enjoyed getting to know one another and tea, coffee and biscuits helped us relax!


We  began by realising that voting is like standing up for yourself and remembering and sharing times when we stood up for ourselves. We looked in to some of the history of people who fought for the right to vote, including men in Ireland who got to vote in 1884 for the first time, however not until 1922 was this right extended to women over 21. We saw that Black Americans fought until 1965 before they could vote and for Black South African’s it took until 1994.


We also looked at reasons to vote. We talked about the dreams we had for a better world that we wanted and that one way to achieve those dreams is through voting for people who are willing to epitomise those dreams.


Finally, everyone who wanted to register on the night was able to fill out the forms and they are on their way to the relevant council offices.

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Rock The Vote